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Worldflight is a “virtual” world flight to raise money for The German Maritime Search and Rescue Service (http://www.seenotretter.de).

WorldFlight 2022 will start on November 5th until the 12th.

The concept of a virtual, round the world flight for charity was started by a team in the United Kingdom and has spawned an annual event with participants all over the globe. We, the first team from Germany will try to successfull finish the challenge and to raise funds as much as possible, therefore we sell seats in our flightdeck. Senior pilots (Pilots with ATPL or having experiences with this simulator) will spend EUR 25,00 per flight, new pilots spend EUR 50,00 per flight (this includes trainings sessions before the tour). The Jumpseat is bookable for EUR 25,00. The collected amount will be send to 100% to The German Maritime Search and Rescue Service. A public donation plan will be available to control the amount.

The popularity of conducting a World Flight for charity is growing; over the years teams in Australia, Scotland, England, USA and Austria have joined the virtual worldtour. Each team selects their own needy charity, raising funds through donations and corporate sponsorship.

In our team we have already many real- and v-pilots. The simulator is located in a privat house. This situation, that the sim is not in a public place, makes the worldflight not easy.  A good organisation and a well planned rooster system will be nessery to end the tour with success.

The flight will be conducted online on the VATSIM network, providing live Air Traffic Control through most of the countries that we visit. A 45-60 minute turn around is allowed at each stop and during that time the incoming crew will be fully briefed as to weather conditions along their route as well as other operational requirements. Interested people will be able to follow the progress via interactive flight tracking, instrument displays and streaming video and audio during the event.

For donations use the  Paypalbutton on the homepage!