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The Flightdeck

The Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Photos by http://www.lowk-spotting.at

The Hardware
The shell, interior fittings and the panels are produced by the canadian company Flightdecksolution.
The yokes and the throttle are products from Revolution Simproducts. The seats are from an old Boeing 707  used by the NATO. The 200 degrees visual is projected from three beamers on a curved screen. An air-conditioning system is installed to cool down the air from the PC´s and the projectors.

The Software
Microsoft's Flightsimulator is the basis of the sim. Many addons makes the sim very realistic. We use the Boeing 737 programing from Thomas Richter and the PM Boeing suite from Project Magenta. Special programs from Tobias Rad, an adjusted air-file, and a lot of sceneries gives us a realistic feeling and an awesome view out of the cockpit.